महँगी night cream में ना करें पैसा बर्बाद ।100%natural anti wrinkle night cream for younger look

महँगी night cream में ना करें पैसा बर्बाद ।100%natural anti wrinkle night cream for younger look

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I am going to share how to prepare night cream at home – which is hundred percent natural and has no side-effects. It will give you glowing and wrinkle free skin 💯 % natural 💯 %result.
The ingredients are –
Masoor dal
Vitamin E capsule
Essential oil
Aloe vera gel
Soak masoor dal and Badam overnight. In the morning grind it as well. Now strain it and extract juice now take a bowl and take two spoons of juice and mix all the ingredients as well until cream like consistency come. Cream is ready for use now pour it into clean airtight container store it in the fridge its shelflife is for one week. At the night-time clean your face with face wash or cleanser and apply this night cream every day at night time. In the morning wash your face with normal tapwater or any cleanser as you like after some days you will see the difference on your skin it will removes your pigmentation , Dark sports, frackles uneven skin tone and it will gives you a smooth and shiny skin.

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