💦 SKINCARE FOR GARDENERS 💦 why sunscreens and the pH balance of skin care products is so important

💦 SKINCARE FOR GARDENERS 💦 why sunscreens and the pH balance of skin care products is so important


Today, I’m here to talk about SKINCARE FOR GARDENERS – for us! It’s easy to start with a simple core skin care routine, even if you’re a beginner. Skincare can be overwhelming, and I touch upon what to look for in products – best active serums, sunscreens, pH, etc.

As gardeners, we’re outside A LOT and exposed to the sun moreso than most folks. Who’s guilty of forgetting to apply sunscreen? ✋I definitely am and for a couple of reasons – one in particular being because I am a person of color and traditional sunscreens leave a horrid cast on my skin. Fortunately, there are new products out there with better consistency, but all this skin care expanse is certainly overwhelming and confusing!

In this video I share:

✅ What I think is a solid core regimen for anyone and the products I use
🏅 My favorite active ingredient and why it’s beneficial to gardeners and landscapers
🤔 How to discern skin care products and decide which one to use
💁 How there are parallels between skin care products and gardening
✨ Skin care YouTubers I enjoy watching

I’m a newbs to skin care, but I have been diligently educating myself for the past couple of years. This video is a distilled version of skin care so that you can start low and slow. Since I’m not an expert, I encourage you to do your own research by seeking out dermatologists, aestheticians, skin care scientists and experts. I am only sharing my opinions and experiences as I dive into this vast world of skin care.

By the way, the Good Molecules serum I had mentioned is not Vitamin C – it is Alpha Arbutin which helps with skin discoloration/hyperpigmentation concerns. Good Molecules does have a powder form or Vitamin C, but it can be tricky to figure out how much to use at a time.
Vitamin C Powder –

Thanks for watching, and please share your routine with us! What are some products that are your go-tos?


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