2 ways to help fix stubborn kyphosis (hunchback posture)

2 ways to help fix stubborn kyphosis (hunchback posture)

Got hunchback posture? Want to learn how to improve your hunchback? Check out two exercises to fix your hunchback!

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How do you attack stubborn kyphosis (hunchback)? Deadlifting and other back exercises can often be cheated in a way that does nothing to improve or even worsens kyphosis. “Mental” methods that require you to constantly imagine a “skyhook” or simply trying to stand up straight are totally impractical in real life. Here are two easy ways to address kyphosis that work when you do them consistently.

Remember also that to improve kyphosis, consistency is key. Your body needs to be trained to maintain good posture. If you don’t train it to hold good posture, you will revert to bad posture! There’s no such thing as a permanent fix for bad posture. It’s all about practice!







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