20 Minute Hotel Workout | Abs + Booty

20 Minute Hotel Workout | Abs + Booty

A Legit Hotel Room Workout…💪🏼…with bedhead, oily sleep face, PJs, and all. Believe it or not, MOST of my workouts look about like this when I travel. ✈️ With busy, jam-packed days, there’s very little time to find a gym, let alone work out in one!🤷🏼‍♀️

“Is this enough?” You ask. YES! 🙌🏼 Because SOMETHING (even if only 10 minutes with a band) is always better than NOTHING (which happens often when we don’t have time to get to the gym!). Don’t forget it…just do it.👌🏼 (I feel like I’ve heard that before🤔). This was from our Super Bowl trip earlier this year, where 4 of 5 days’ workouts were in this hotel room…👇🏼

🔸100 Forward Banded Squat Walks (weight in heels, press out with knees)
🔸100 Backward Banded Squat Walks (same)
🔸100 Banded Squat Kick Backs
50 Kick Backs with Band on each side (100 total)
🔸100 Banded Standing Abductors
🔸100 Banded Side Steps each direction (lead with heel)
🔸Squat Pulses for 3 Minutes Straight (resting when needed, weight in heels and adjust balance to where you feel it in glutes)

And don’t forget to keep that core (those abs) nice and tight during each movement. 😉

The moment you realize BEING FIT doesn’t have to mean an hour a day in the gym is the moment your life will change!!!!🙌🏼

Happy Hoteling!😘

PS: Need some resistance bands? I’ve got you covered!


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