6 Foods That Can Help You Look Younger – Anti Aging Foods

6 Foods That Can Help You Look Younger –  Anti Aging Foods

Foods To Make You Look Younger. Here Are 6 Foods That Can Help You Look Younger. Anti Aging Diet. Foods for younger skin. Foods that Keep Your Skin Looking Younger.

Here are 6 foods that can help you look younger.
1. Green Tea.
2.Flax seeds
3. Pomegranates.
4. Tomatoes.
5. Avocados.
6. Walnuts.

Looking young isn’t just about taking care of yourself externally. You have to be careful about what goes inside your body. Avoid consuming or doing harmful things, such as eating junk food or smoking, and be sure you include some healthy food in your regular diet. Green tea is high in antioxidants, which can protect against free radicals. Green tea is particularly high in antioxidants called polyphenols, which can fight diabetes, insulin resistance, inflammation and heart disease. Flaxseeds are also a great source of an omega-3 fatty acid, which protects your skin from sun radiation and may reduce sun-related skin damage. Pomegranates decrease inflammation, help prevent damage from high blood sugar levels and may improve outcomes in patients with colon cancer. They also help protect the skin from sun damage. Cooking tomatoes with healthy fats, such as olive oil, significantly boosts the absorption of lycopene into the body. Avocados are rich in heart-healthy fat, fiber and several vitamins and minerals that are essential for health. Avocados contain unique compounds called polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols. These can fight inflammation, protect your skin from the sun and help repair damaged DNA. Walnuts are packed with copper, which will help keep your natural color rich: Studies show that being deficient in the mineral may be a factor in going prematurely gray.

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