7 Foods That Are Toxic For Your Skin

7 Foods That Are Toxic For Your Skin

Could protein-rich sushi rolls be the culprit? Are rice cakes and breakfast cereals your enemy? What about dairy?

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1. Sushi
Those delicious sushi rolls aren’t great for your skin. As great as it is on your taste buds, this Japanese delicacy can give you a puffy face.

2. Dairy
Nobody loves acne! Those annoying zits make it difficult to even apply makeup. Were you aware that your zits best friends are dairy products? All your pizzas, creamy yogurt smoothies, and ice-cream could be wreaking havoc on your skin, inviting all of those sneaky red bumps on your face. Dairy milk contains growth hormones that stimulate the oil glands in your skin, causing them to produce extra oil. This can trap in dirt and bacteria, making your skin prone to acne breakouts.

3. Processed Meat
Do you enjoy chomping on all those hamburgers, bacon sausages and corned beef? If you love your skin, you might need to rethink your choices. Turns out processed meat and great skin do not go hand in hand. Processed meat is the meat that has been transformed through fermentation, curing, salting or smoking. These are aimed at enhancing flavor and presentation in order to process the meat. It contains pork, beef, poultry, and other red meats.

4. Rice Cakes
While we love rice cakes, they don’t always love us back. Rice cakes can cause wrinkles along with a couple of other health issues. Rice cakes grew in popularity during the 1980s and 90s. The problem with rice cakes starts with them having empty calories. They are also high on the glycemic index.

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