Anti Aging Fitness Step 1

Anti Aging Fitness Step 1

This video is 1 part of the whole series concerning anti-aging fitness. It is a very different concept from the usual fitness you see. The usual one will start off with fitness already. Fitness with Meditation belief always to obtaining the art of true fitness.

But I wanted to start off with filling our body with nutrition]before doing fitness. I have gone through myself. It is not easy to begin fitness training when we are tired and lazy,let alone persistence.
When we feel tired, prove that we are lack of essential energy already.

I will like to recommend 2 types of dietary supplements to be consumed, 7 days before the schedule for resistance training.

Here we go; suggested as follows;
1) Coenzymeq10 (100 – 300mg)
2) L-carnitine liquid (1500mg)

The dietary supplement is not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please get doctor advice, if you are unsureabout the brand and the ingredients, you not sure of.

I took a few pictures and a piece of music to elaborate onsome medical points and introduction audio.

These are the attribute;
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