Best Anti Aging Skincare Routine for 2020

Best Anti Aging Skincare Routine for 2020

In this video, Andrea Donsky speaks with Shawn Solomon, the owner Thornhill Skin Clinic about the best anti aging skincare routine for 2020. Shawn has 23 years of experience as a Paramedical esthetician. They discuss the right skincare routine for anti aging, which face mask to use, retinol, hyaluronic acid, what skincare products really work, and in what order we should apply them. They also review in-clinic treatments like botox and fillers, and the results we should all expect for menopause and women over 40 and over 50.

Time Stamps:

0:57 – Tips and tricks for at home skin care (exfoliation is key!)
3:07 – How to exfoliate and recipe for our face
4:03 – Skin hack to close your facial pores
4:35 – How to properly wash our face
5:43 – Skin moisturizers vs. skin serums vs. skin oils: What should we use and how we should we layer them.
8:28 – Understanding the importance of keeping our skin moisturized
9:35- Should we have different daytime and nighttime routines?
11:33 – Retinol and retinol alternatives
12:36 – Should we wear sunscreen while at home?
13:08 – Should we wear/use face masks + why
14:50 – What is hyaluronic acid (HA) and why is it important for anti-aging?
16:20 – At what age should we start taking care of our skin?
19:09 – Shawn’s thoughts on using the word “anti-aging”
19:57 – Why & when should we go to an anti-aging clinic?
23:07 – Fillers & Botox (benefits of each)
24:40 – Andrea’s thoughts on Botox
24:20 – Botox: Good vs. bad Botox jobs
26:31 – What filler SHOULD do. What is the key to getting botox and filler properly?
28:33 – How often do we need to do Botox and fillers?
29:42 – What are the risk factors for Botox and fillers?
31:09 – What if you had a bad Botox job? Can you reverse it?
33:17 – Shawn’s final thoughts on skincare

To learn more about Shawn Solomon and her clinic’s services, visit:


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