Best Grooming Products For Your Face | Alpha M Grooming Awards 2015

Best Grooming Products For Your Face | Alpha M  Grooming Awards 2015

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In this video men’s style, fitness and grooming expert, Aaron Marino of and goes over his personal pics for the best grooming product of 2015!
Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents his second installment of the Best Grooming Products. The first installment was grooming tools (see link above), and the next will be body products. Today, it’s all about the ‘handsome-ass’ face. All of the products are Alpha’s favorites, and he’s not getting paid to endorse any of them.

Best facial moisturizer – Kiehl’s Facial Fuel This badboy is high weight and not oily. This stuff is fast absorbing, and you won’t be shiny.
Under eye cream – Malin + Goetz It works awesomely! Just a little bit, morning and night, and your eyes will look less wrinkled and tired. Prevents dark bags too!
Lip moisturizer – petroleum jelly Any brand will do!
Facial cleanser – Kiehl’s Facial Fuel For glowing skin, wash your face to get rid of grime, grit, and grease. It’s cooling and tingling. It’s also energizing and tightening.
Hair shampoo and conditioner – Pete and Pedro Clean & Condition These two bad-boys pack a power punch with anti-oxidants.
Dandruff shampoo – Neutrogena T-Gel Extra Strength It works like a charm!
Hair products – Pete and Pedro Clay, Cream, Paste, Putty, Pomade The P&P products are water-soluble and paraffin free. The products are healthy and good for your hair. Alpha is currently using the Putty with high hold and low shine.
Shaving cream – Grooming Lounge Beard Destroyer Shave Cream It’s a paste that gives a super close and slick shave.
Post shave treatment for sensitive skin – Grooming Lounge Shavior The best product for those who suffer from post-shave bumps, burns, irritations, redness, and ingrown hair – Alpha thinks this stuff is the best on the market that works!
Beard wash and condition – Bluebeard Beard These smell delicious!
Teeth whitener – DazzlePro 70% off with ALPHASMILE


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