Breaking News – Facial yoga expert reveals four-step anti-ageing workout

Breaking News – Facial yoga expert reveals four-step anti-ageing workout

A facial yoga expert has devised the ultimate workout to keep wrinkles at bay – and it only takes 20 minutes.Danielle Collins says that just four basic exercises will help you lift and firm the face when practised six times a week – and unlike expensive anti-ageing creams, it doesn’t cost a penny.Her Face Yoga Method which should be carried out daily, six times a week, combines massage, acupressure, yoga and facial exercises to give a ‘safe anti-ageing results – a natural face lift’.Danielle claims her simple workout can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, achieving a firmer jaw line, improved skin tone, plus reduced headaches and eye strain, easing of tension and, best of all, a healthy glow.Her method, billed as ‘a natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier’ combines face exercise, face massage, acupressure and relaxation and fuses together ancient Eastern techniques with newer Western approaches and science.Danielle’s workout, shared exclusively with MailOnline, comes after a new study proved that facial exercises can help middle-aged women appear more youthful.Published this month, the Northwestern Medicine study found that a 30-minute daily facial exercise programme improved the facial appearance of women aged 40 to 65, giving them fuller upper and lower cheeks, when performed over a 20-week period.Read on to try out Danielle’s facial yoga workout for yourself…2. Continue lifting your cheeks up, using index fingers as a resistance to work the muscles harder and hold for five seconds. Release, and do twice more. This is perfect for helping to strengthen the  muscles in the cheeks and around the jaw area, reducing lines between the nose and the mouth, lifting and firming the jaw, and helping with any sagging3. Take your knuckle and move it up your forehead gently. This is great for helping to reduce lines around the eyebrows. It helps to reduce any tightness or tension between the eyebrows – one of the main causes of lines. It’s also great for boosting collagen, elastin and circulation
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