Can You Take Too Much Collagen? Absolute Collagen Team Tells You All The Info. 💛

Can You Take Too Much Collagen? Absolute Collagen Team Tells You All The Info. 💛

As #Absoluters know, collagen is key for good skin, hair, and nail health – but can you take too much collagen? Darcy and Maxine from Absolute Collagen share all in our latest video. For more information and to try Absolute Collagen, visit

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Absolute Collagen is an award-winning drinkable collagen supplement. Our collagen drink contains the most collagen in the smallest dose at a low price with the minimum amount of fuss, and it’s made in the UK.

In this video, COO Darcy Laceby and Founder Maxine Laceby bust some of the myths surrounding collagen intake, and the side effects of taking too much or too little collagen.

Darcy begins by explaining the science behind Absolute Collagen, which contributes to healthy skin, bones, nails, hair and more, as collagen is a main component of all these parts of the body. The human body does produce its own collagen naturally – but from the age of 25, collagen production starts to decrease and by the age of 50 we have often lost around 50% of all our natural collagen supplies, which in turn causes the unwanted physical signs of aging, including wrinkles, dry skin, hair thinning and more. This is where taking a collagen supplement like Absolute Collagen comes in. Ingesting a collagen supplement daily contributes to overall health by replenishing the collagen levels and working to counter those pesky signs of wear and tear that come with the process of growing older.

Darcy then explains the science behind our hydrolysed collagen sachets, which contains 8000mg of hydrolysed collagen in each nifty little 10ml dose. We chose this amount of collagen per sachet as this is the maximum amount of collagen that the human body can ingest and absorb at any one time. Any more than this, and the absorption rate drops significantly, meaning you’re not actually receiving any additional benefits. Absorption rate is also linked to the molecular weight of the collagen molecules – Absolute Collagen has a very low molecular weight, which might not sound like a good thing but actually means it is much more easily and efficiently absorbed, with a massive 90-95% absorption rate. If you do wish to take more than 8000mg per day, Darcy and Maxine recommend taking your sachets far apart – for example, you could take one sachet with your breakfast, and a second sachet just before bed.

In terms of the consequences of taking too much collagen, Darcy and Maxine explain that the short answer is – there are no real side effects. Taking an excessive amount of collagen is unlikely to do any harm, your body simply won’t be able to absorb any more than the previously mentioned 8000mg in one go. However, if you are concerned about the effect of your collagen dose on your overall health, Maxine and Darcy recommend always checking with your healthcare practitioner.

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