Carter & Jane’s The Everything Tool Anti-Aging Facial Device Tutorial

Carter & Jane’s The Everything Tool Anti-Aging Facial Device Tutorial

This week’s video is sponsored by Carter & Jane. These lovely ladies asked if I would make a tutorial showing how to use their new anti-aging facial device, The Everything Tool. This 6-in-1 beauty tool is a cleansing device, de-puffs the under eyes, increases product penetration, contours the face, firms the skin, and minimizes inflammation, with a blend of ionic, ultrasonic, microcurrents, radio frequency, LED light therapy, thermal and cryo therapies.


00:00 Intro
01:34 Who is it for?
01:50 What it does
02:47 Unboxing
04:07 Make your own cotton squares
05:18 Charging
06:14 The 6 different modes
07:58 Contraindications
08:48 Cleansing Mode Demo
11:44 Eye Care Mode Demo
14:00 Moisture Mode Demo
16:16 EMS Up Mode Demo
18:56 RF LED Mode Demo
21:32 Cool ModeDemo
23:39 Ending


The Everything Tool

The Everything Oil

Neroli No.18 Everything Oil Cleanser

The Sleep Repair Mask


Cotton 4x4s

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Prickly Pear Seed Oil

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