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Massive human processing power creates breakthroughs: Metformin for anti-aging therapies and beyond!

Listen to the full episode here When it comes to living a long life, demographers, epidemiologists, gerontologists and other researchers on aging have long puzzled over the theoretical question of the maximum potential for human lifespan, along with the host of proposed practices we can implement that help us achieve that potential. There is, after…

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DO COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTS FOR SKIN REALLY WORK? Q&A WITH DERMATOLOGIST DR DRAY (NOT SPONSORED). 💜REFERENCES (ABREVIATED) 1. Zague V. A new view concerning the effects of collagen hydrolysate intake on skin properties. Arch Dermatol Res. 2008;300(9):479-483. 2. Grand Review Research. Collagen Market Size Worth $6.63 Billion By 2025 | Growth Rate: 6.6%. global-collagen-market. Published 2017.…

Continue reading Best Anti Aging Serum by Derma Forest Instant Wrinkle Repair Serum is formulated by an advanced technology, gives the instant relief from wrinkles. It is an advanced anti-aging serum which briskly removes wrinkles. The serum is absorbed by skin, it goes in deep layer of skin to rejuvenate, nourish, smoothen and remove the old…

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Astaxanthin Sources : – Astaxanthin: Natures Most Powerful Antioxidant! Krill Oil and Fish Oil, Which Is Better Review? Comparison of Both Fish Oil & Krill Oil Astaxanthin is the MOST Powerful Antioxidant, known to man! After a large amount of exhaustive Clinical Studies, it is believed to provide, a plethora of Anti-Aging Health Benefits, which…

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