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Billions of dollars are going into age research, and many experts believe that we’re on the cusp of beating aging. Here are 7 technologies and strategies to look out for. Support me on Patreon! Follow me at all my places! Instagram: Snapchat: Facebook: Twitter: ===================== LINKS LINKS LINKS: Durham University nanobots Studies on Antioxidant Supplementation…

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Web: Joseph Knoll talks about his eBook: “How Selegiline ((-)-Deprenyl) Slows Brain Aging” This e-book is a reference on Selegiline/(-)-Deprenyl effects on the brain. Selegiline, described in thousands of research papers, is registered in over 60 countries. At present, more than one hundred preparations containing selegiline circulate in the global market under different brand names.…

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