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Antiageing therapies, science and research — how to stop your biological clock. 65% of health care spending on people over 65 years old. Aging process — physiology of aging and remedies, antiaging therapies. How to stay young. 7 key mechanisms of ageing in human cells. How we share common aging processes with many other animals.…

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Filmed at the Emerging Science of Carbohydrate Restriction and Nutritional Ketosis, Scientific Sessions at The Ohio State University Learn more at An impressive body of scientific evidence over the last 15 years documents long term benefits of carbohydrate-restricted, especially ketogenic, diets. We now understand molecular mechanisms and why they work. Popular books and articles now…

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Yoga Facial Exercises : Yoga Facial to Lose Sagging Jowls – Learn DIY Yoga Facial Exercises howto lift sagging jowls and chubby cheeks and to lift sagging cheeks naturally, a natural face lift. Welcome to the VitaLifeShow, join Dr.Janine Bowring in this episode which is all about yoga facial exercises to lift sagging jowls, decrease…

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