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Tanaka Face Massage Part 1 (English)

#FaceYoga #FacialYoga #FaceYogawithKoko ā™”Ask Koko any questions by taking private sessions here! (online or in-person) ā™”Skin Balancing Sugar Oil that Koko uses for her skin ā™”Instagram ā™”Facebook ā™”Website ā™”Book: Less is More, Japanese Anti-Aging ā™”Business inquiry (For exercise questions, please ask by taking Koko’s private sessions here. — sticking out your tongue right this…

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Here is my new video showing how to lift the drooping corners of your mouth! FacerobicsĀ® is a FREE FACE EXERCISE PROGRAMME on YouTube which makes you look younger, more attractive and more beautiful by giving you ultimate face exercise tips. Join the FacerobicsĀ® Face Exercise Gym – Renew Me Skincare Products –…

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