Current AM+PM Skincare Routine 2019 | Hyperpigmentation Melasma and Aging Skin

Current AM+PM Skincare Routine 2019 | Hyperpigmentation Melasma and Aging Skin

EXPAND FOR MORE INFO, protocols, products and help with where and when to use products you may already have!

If you are new, my name is Penny and I am a Certified Advanced Esthetician in Portland, Oregon. I love sharing my love and knowledge of skincare and my tendencies to makeup junkiness 🙂 I would love if you joined the Fam!
I am sharing my current AM and PM skincare routine (2019) to lighten and brighten my melasma and hyperpigmentation due to sun damage on a recent trip. I am going to list all the products that I talk about and some alternatives. I am also going to list a simple protocol so that you can insert the products that you already own in to those spots. This will also help you see gaps in your skincare routine.
I hope that this was helpful!!

Here is a link to all my Amazon Faves in one place:

Products mentioned (I will list alternate products too):
Physician’s Formula Perfect Matcha Cleansing Balm:

I Also love the Farmacy Cleansing balm:

La Roche Posay Pigmentclar:

I also Love the FRESH Soy Cleanser:

Allastin Retinol .25:
We carry this at Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine email me for more info!
Drunk Elephant Retinol is a good option also, and a higher percentage (this is .1):

Obagi Retinol is another great option (this is .5):

Retiin A (Prescription)

Sukoyaka Suhada Urea Moisture Essence (a HOLY GRAIL item for me):

Pigment Inhibitors (there are alternates listed in the AM routine:))
Obagi Clear 4% Hydroquinone:
This is a prescription product. You can email me for more info on Obagi at

La Roche Posay Pigmentclar Cleanser:

Biologique Recherche P50 1970:

Tarte Youth or Dare (a combo of AHAs and vitamin C):

REN Ready Steady Glow (this is a mix of acids featuring Lactic which I LOVE bc it is also hydrating):

Obagi Exfoderm Forte (this is Glycolic and lactic acid in lotion form, a favorite of mine that packs a punch):

Sukoyaka Suhada Urea Moisture Essence

Pigment Inhibitors:
Obagi Clear Hydroquinone 4% (same as above)
Here are some other options for the pigment inhibiting step:
Hada Labo lotion (like a toner/essence) with Arbutin:

Hada Labo Milk (moisturizer with Arbutin):

Hada Labo Premium lotion (thicker than water and more hydrating):

Obagi Hydrate (or moisturizer of your choice)

I love the Neutrogena Hydroboost (only the one for extra dry skin, it is fragrance free) it’s a great hydrator!:

Sun Protection:
Sara Fit Skin Aqua Sunscreen:

Thank You Farmer Sun Project SPF 30:

I also LOVE Elta MD UV Clear bc it is high purity Niacinamide (vitamin B3)

Supergoop SPF 45 powder (great for reapplication):

Eye Cream:
Sanitas Vita K Eye Cream:

Balea Urea Eye Cream:

Sukoyaka Suhada Urea Eye Cream (a holy grail of mine):

Colorscience Total eye 3-1:

Weekly Treatments:
Obagi 30% L-Ascorbic Acid Mask (an obsession of mine…SO GOOD!!)

Kakadu C Peel Pads:

2.Alpha Hydroxy Acid
3.Moisture essence (optional)
4.Pigment Inhibitor
5.Moisturizer (optional)
6.Sun Protection!!!
7.Reapply throughout the day with a powder sunscreen minimum 🙂

Double Cleanse so:
1.Cleansing Balm
Wait 15 minutes
3.Retinoid (Vitamin A whether retinol or Retin-A…alternaiting especially in the beginning. Never go longer than 72 hours between Retin-a applications so that you develop a tolerance and can eventually use it more often). On the off nights of Retin-a use retinol. If you feel irritated skip a retinol night. Listen to your skin! :))
4.Moisture essence (optional, but I love this bc it helps to buffer the irritation)
5.Pigment Inhibitor
6.Moisturizer (Optional)

1-2 times a week Vitamin C treatment (LOVING this method of getting a Vitamin C treatment!!)

Growth Factors, Peptides and other antioxidants can be added in as well. If you want to do that I can help you plug them in :))

Some of the above links are affiliate and if you use them to purchase I will receive a small commission. I appreciate your support of this channel!!