Detox Water Recipe for anti aging, Glowing Skin & Slim Body

Detox Water Recipe for anti aging, Glowing Skin & Slim Body

Welcome Back Friends. I am here to share my secret recipe for Homemade Detox water for and younger looking skin & up-to 5 kg weight loss in 30 days.
Detox water is very essential these days to remove body toxin and oxidant agents , since have very less or not time for exercises or healthy diets.
There are many detox water recipe you could make specific to different problems like, Weight gain, dull & blemished skin , Digestion problem , blood sugar & headache . I have shared the recipe for all of the above problem in my video.
Also I have shared my favourite Detox recipe , in step by step recipe. With regular use of Detox drink you good visible change in belly fat reduction, glowing and pimple free skin, also high body energy.
The ingredients required :
🎁 Cucumber
🎁 Orange
🎁 Lime
🎁 Lemon
🎁 Mint Leaves
🎁 Ice
Cut the above into thin slices and mix them in the Detox jar layer by layer.
Drink the detox water in-place of regular beverages you take daily , Make sure to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of Detox & don’t reuse the ingredients for more than 24 hours,
You could always refill the water in the detox jar once all the water is finished.

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