EYE CREAMS | How to choose

EYE CREAMS | How to choose

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EYE CREAMS| How to choose
Every product line will have their own formulation of ‘eye creams’. Firstly, let us explore why these creams exist.

Eye creams can-
Treat dark under eye circles
Decrease wrinkles and skin aging
Decrease puffiness under the eyes

Active ingredients, in theory, can address skin concerns. The most common formulation of eye cream actives include argan oil, vitamin K2, caffeine, retinol and hyaluronic acid (passive for HA). Actives can reduce inflammation, act as a modulator of blood flow, stimulate collagen, rehydrate the skin and act as antioxidants.

Now it is time to give Swisse Eye Cream a Dav Score:
Skin science: ⅕ Apart from retinol, the skin science of eye creams is lacking. Yes, I know there are many company-run research articles on ‘eye creams’, however placebo controlled blinded studies with in-vivo clinical correlation are few and far between. The science of active ingredients, are mainly lab based – in-vitro studies.

Ease of use: ⅗ Apply once at night to under eye area. How hard can that be? In reality I do agree with the fine print on the package. Test spot to an area such as behind or in front of the ear before applying to the eye area. This will reduce but not eliminate unexpected skin reactions such as an irritant or allergic contact dermatitis.

Product Compatibility: ⅖ The eyelid has the thinnest skin on the body, hence by default, all eye creams, regardless of brand will be harder to incorporate into your skin care routine. The exception is hyaluronic acid, which can be classed as a humectant (moisturiser).

Subjective Feel: ⅘ Nice to use, integrates nicely, blends super easy. Deducted one point because of the smell. Other than that, top formulation.

Packaging: ⅘ Air tight and light proof, simple to seal, simple to dispense. Minimal wastage. Box can be more cosmetically elegant, instructions should be larger print. (I do need reading glasses)

Price: 5/5 It wasn’t that long ago that eye creams were priced well over 50 bucks for the same active ingredients. Swisse is a well known ethical Australian company, specializing in vitamins and supplements. No wonder this eye cream is nearly 99% natural ingredients. For less than $9 USD this formulation is bang for the buck. Only The Ordinary eye creams are cheaper, however it comes at a cost for more gritty texture for the Canadian counterpart.

Overall score of 19/20. In summary, if you want to add an eye cream to your skin care routine, Swisse is a good starting point. Given the price point, it can’t be beaten.

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Dr Davin S. Lim
Aesthetic and laser dermatologist.
Brisbane Australia, @cliniccutis


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