Facial Yoga:The Latest Anti- aging Therapy

Facial Yoga:The Latest Anti- aging Therapy

When you smile you get a dimple but when you frown you get a wrinkle!!
I am sure most of you must have heard of this quote and it is absolutely true. In fact some of our constant expressions cause fine lines leading to appearance of wrinkles at a young age itself.
Though there are a lot of cosmetics, creams and surgical techniques (Botox) available in the market to get rid of these undesirable facial lines , but why go under the knife and spend so much money when there is this wonderful science called Facial yoga to help us out.
This yoga consists of about 85 expressions which work on 57 of our facial muscles and help in smoothening and delay of appearance of these lines and wrinkles.
Let me tell you a few of them
1. To prevent laugh lines – Fill your mouth with air and hold for 2mins. Repeat at least 3 times.
2. To prevent wrinkles around the eyes – Squeeze and open your eyes 10 times. Repeat at least 2 times.
3. Wrinkles on the throat – Tilt your head back and then bring your chin towards your chest. Do this slowly at least 5 times.
Practice these exercises to begin with at least twice a day for a week and see the difference!
Here’s posting a video with some more interesting Facial exercises!


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