Get Bright & Glowing Skin In Overnight | Night Skin Care Routine | Priyanka’s Tips

Get Bright & Glowing Skin In Overnight | Night Skin Care Routine | Priyanka’s Tips

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In this video i will share with you most requested video and that is…my honest night akin care routine. So keep watching guys. Show some love.

Get Bright & Glowing Skin In Overnight | Night Skin Care Routine | Priyanka’s Tips

Your day is filled with tons of activities that affect the quality of your complexion more than you think. As you go through your work and completing your many responsibilities, your skin is being exposed to harmful environmental elements. Exposure to UV rays, pollution, dirt, and free radicals will eventually result in skin aging and other issues.

Given how much your skin had to put up with during the day, you must provide it with the right care after a long day. Your night skincare routine steps should address the specific needs of your skin as it goes through various changes when you sleep. Below are some of these skin changes and the reasons why you should maintain a nightly skincare routine:

A lot of things that your body go through when you sleep relates to your skin. This is the reason why most people refer to this natural process as “beauty sleep.” Clinical studies have long shown how people who are sleep deprived appear less attractive than those who had sufficient sleep.

The primary reason why at least a 7-hour sleep impacts how you look the following morning, is that your skin cells undergo faster regeneration during this time. Your body has an internal clock that essentially determines which processes your body undergoes. Many types of research have ascertained that the body clock signals regeneration and repair of cells when one is asleep.

Considering that your skin cells are working hard during nighttime, they require a lot of nutrients to do their job properly. This is where a good night skincare routine will come in handy as your skincare products provide needed nutrients that can maximize the cells’ regeneration process. When this happens, your skin cells will be renewed, thereby resulting in a younger-looking skin.

Vitamins A and C are two of the most powerful skincare ingredients that would be most beneficial in promoting the cells regenerative process. Vitamin A has been found to greatly impact cellular processes on the surface and deeper layer of the skin, resulting in powerful skin benefits.

Application of vitamin C-based products in the evening, on the other hand, produces remarkable skin anti-aging benefits. A study on the effectiveness of topical vitamin C in the rejuvenation of photodamage proved this fact. Subjects in the said study with premature wrinkles showed significant, visible improvement in wrinkling after applying a formulation of vitamin C for 12 weeks.

Your skin needs to rest from exposure to harmful environmental factors. Just because you are in the comfort of your bed and safe from UV rays and pollution it does not mean you can go without cleansing. If you fail to properly cleanse your skin, the dirt and oils accumulated by your skin during the day will cause havoc at night.

To completely give your skin a break from harsh external elements, cleansing should be the first step in your night skincare routine. Note that while facial cleansing should completely eliminate dirt and grime, it should be gentle enough to avoid skin irritation.

Instead of using facial cleansers that are made from man-made chemicals, use cleansers with natural ingredients like oat or oatmeal (Avena sativa) and with gentle surfactants. In ancient times, oatmeal had been used mostly for its soothing benefits. More recent studies, however, revealed the effective cleansing activity of oats because they contain compounds called saponins.

A good cleanser removes impurities from the skin, ridding pores of dirt and oils that can cause acne breakouts. It’s also useful to follow up with a toner or mi cellar water in order to remove any trace residue and balance skin.


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