Honey Skin Brightening Treatment

Honey Skin Brightening Treatment

Let’s be real, now and then our skin needs a dose of pampering.
Fortunately, it doesn’t mean spending thousands of rupees per week in a salon.
In almost every kitchen there’s a bottle of nature’s goodness that does some amazing things to your skin and hair and it doesn’t cost a lot!
Fresh and unpasteurized honey, full of antioxidants and nutrients, is the only product you need for healthy skin and hair.
The honey’s moisturizing, soothing, and antibacterial properties make it the go-to cure for the beauty problems of any woman.

Honey For Acne Treatment
You’ll Need:
Raw Honey
Mix the two ingredients then add the mixture to the skin and leave for around 5-10 minutes.
You can use it as a spot treatment as well.
Post 10 minutes wash it off with cold water. Do this daily to completely get rid of the wrinkles and acne.
Both nutmeg and honey have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help avoid acne and keep the skin clean.
Honey’s antiseptic and antibacterial qualities are proven to be beneficial when it comes to treating acne and outbreak.
Brightening Body Rinse
You’ll Need:
Raw Milk
Dissolve 2 tablespoons of honey and one cup of milk in a mug filled with hot water to use the honey as a bath rinse.
Mix this remedy in your bath water until the honey is dissolved, and enjoy a soothing and rejuvenating shower moment.
Once you have done taking bath lastly rinse your body with this water, and leave it your skin will absorb the goodness of milk and honey.
Not only can a luxurious honey and milk bath help you destress after a rough day but it also helps the skin smooth and supple.
Hair Conditioner
You’ll Need:
Coconut Oil Or any other oil of your choice.
Honey has the hydrating qualities that make it an outstanding hair conditioner.
Mix a spoonful of honey with 1-2 spoonfuls of coconut oil (or some other oil of your choice).
Apply the oil mask to your scalp and hair then let it rest there for 30 minutes to an hour
then wash it with a mild shampoo and follow your regular hair care routine.
As Gentle exfoliator
You’ll Need:
Throw away those harsh chemical-filled exfoliators that damage your skin rather than healthy and turn to the natural scrub that is soft on your face.
In a bowl take 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons off oatmeal and mix it.
Clean your face with a mild cleanser and then exfoliate your face with this scrub.
Massage gently in small circular motions for 5 minutes and then wash it off.
The honey and oatmeal mixed goodness moisturizes the skin and cleanses the pores of dust and grime.
This combination can also be used as a face mask to soothe and detoxify the skin.
Honey and oatmeal for enhancing the skin ‘s overall texture & look.
Treats Sunburn
You’ll Need:
Aloe Vera Gel
take a bowl to make sunburn soothing gel by mixing 2 tablespoons of honey and 4 tablespoons of fresh aloe vera and store it in an airtight container.
Apply this aloe soothing gel on the affected areas and leave it on for 15 minutes.
Then wash with cold water.
You can also use honey to treat sun-damaged skin.
Aloe vera helps skin treat sunburns and minor burns.
Furthermore, aloe vera will moisturize the skin, thereby helping you prevent the peeling that is usually correlated with sun exposure.
The use of aloe vera for sunburns will help relieve discomfort and scratching.
Aloe vera can soothe the skin after a sunburn and assist in healing.
Honey is moisturizing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.
It’s perfect for all sorts of skin issues and will help you soothe the sunburn in no time. #skincare #beautytips #honey


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