How I Zapped Away My Sun Damage – Nadine Baggott

How I Zapped Away My Sun Damage – Nadine Baggott

I put a before and after picture on Instagram of my sun damage and promised I would vlog about having it zapped away with an Intense Pulsed Light Machine at a clinic – so here it is.

Here I am with Dr Diana Piana Mariton, the laser and IPL expert at Dr Sebagh’s Clinic in W1, having my age spots/sun damage/pigmentation zapped away. There are some great just after shots and a split screen before and after so you can see the results. It certainly works for me.

The treatment takes around half an hour to an hour and you look like you have been splattered in mud for a week (it covers, sort of, with mineral makeup) then it flakes away … so satisfying.

I have had this treatment three times in the past six years to keep my pigmentation at bay.

Costs will vary depending on where in the UK you live and have this done but prices should start at around £150 and can go up to hundreds at a central London clinic.You should need no more than one or maybe two treatments for a full face treatment, but can ask just for a specific area to be treated to save money.

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