How to do Self Body Awareness Meditation | The Power of Meditation | Beatrice Rhodes G de V

How to do Self Body Awareness Meditation | The Power of Meditation | Beatrice Rhodes G de V

How to practise self-body awareness meditation – the foundation of mindfulness.
Get comfortable. Lying down is preferable – if you’re doing a body scan meditation before you fall asleep or sit comfortably in a chair with your feet grounded on the floor – if you need some extra energy during the day.

You will be guided through a Progressive Muscle Relaxation, where you tense and release every body part, giving you a deep sense of peace.
Proven to reduce stress and anxiety with regular practice.

“Listen to my voice while I guide you through this Self Body Awareness Meditation Exercise.
Please Focus on your breathing, and let my voice be in the background.
Breathe in for 6 and hold 3 and then breathe out for 6 and then hold for 3 and so on.

If you struggle with the 6 and 3, please just breath in slowly and pause a little before you breath out again and find your flow. Slowly breathing with a pause between the breaths. That’s all it is.
Tense and release each part of the body as we go along.
Allow enough time for each body part, tensing them for 6 seconds and then releasing for 9 seconds.

As I draw your awareness and concentration to a body part, just be aware of that part for a few seconds.
Now, be aware of your feet and the base of your spine.
Imagine White Blinding Light going down from above your head into your head down to your stomach.
Down your legs,
Swirling and entering every cell in your body.
Through your feet, the light is going down through the ground, deep deep down into the earth circulating the earth, and then the energy comes back up from the earth swirling through each body part.

Now, breathe in through your nose, imagine inhaling white brilliant light, and think “I LOVE MYSELF”.
Breathe out through your mouth, imagine exhaling tension in the form of grey smoke, and say out loud “RELEASE“ from that area.

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