How to Get Rid of Brown Eye Staining in Dogs

How to Get Rid of Brown Eye Staining in Dogs

Tear staining in dogs is very common and normal. Most owners hate the tear staining that occurs, naturally more on white dogs, and want to try anything to get rid of the staining. In this video I talk about a few ways you can get rid of the brown hair staining under your dogs eyes. The first and most effective treatment is using a medication called “Tylosin” which is an antibiotic that binds the the porphyrins in the saliva or tears that causes the staining and helps lessen the amount of staining that occurs. The second thing is to use a product called “ocubright” and the main ingredient is tyrosin. The third option is to use a gentle eye wipe to help clean the hair under the eyes daily to prevent staining. The fourth option is whitening shampoos but I don’t really recommend this since the shampoo may get in your dogs eyes and cause irritation or chemical burns. Lastly, if you get your dog groomed they will bathe, clean and clip the hair around th eyes and the may leave your dog good as new with no hair staining from the tears. I hope this video helped you and if it did please share and I hope to see you back again! Thank you, Dr. Lindsay Butzer


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