Indus Viva iPulse: Best Ayurvedic Health Drink & Immunity Booster – Product Details

Indus Viva iPulse: Best Ayurvedic Health Drink & Immunity Booster – Product Details

Indus Viva iPulse: Premium Range Ayurvedic Health Drink & Immunity Booster.
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i-Pulse is unique drink from Indus Viva that protects the whole body from free-radical damage and its associated health conditions, premature aging and improves cardiovascular health. i-Pulse contains a synergistic concoction created by concentrate form of ingredients extracted from 15 fruits including the super fruit – Acai Berry. It contains various phyto-nutrients and powerful anti-oxidants, (quercetin, gallic acid, ellagic Acid, cyanidins, ellagitannins, stilbenes and anthocyanins), essential carbohydrates blended with lipids and protein, minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron and silica, and energizing compounds. 30 M.L of i-Pulse twice a day can give you anti-oxidants equivalent to 7000 ORAC value.

i-Pulse is formulated to protect the cells from free radicals and damages created by lifestyle diseases and keep the body healthy and protected.

The modern environment, pollution, lifestlye, food habits, and chronic stress combined creates a lot of toxins inside the body and causes still more to enter it through various means. The most dangerous among these are highly unstable and reactive molecules called free radicals. They damage the cell structures, kill them or damage the DNA of the cells turning them into tumor cells. The stress taken by the body due to free radical damage is called oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is among the major causative factors or the reason for chronic progression of most of the lifestyle diseases. Anti-oxidants are molecules that can neutralize free radicals and protect the body from their damage. The ability of anti-oxidants to protect our body is measured by their ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). W.H.O suggests that to be healthy a person should consume organic fruits which can give you an equivalent of 3500 to 5000 ORAC value.

Optimum anti-oxidants & Free Radical scavenging
Neutralizes Free Radicals – Boosts self repair and healing – helps reverse many chronic progressive and lifestyle disorders – Helps stay young by slowing down ageing.

Anti-Cancer support and Immunity Booster
Protects against D.N.A damage – Reduces tumor cell formation – Boosts the immune system and helps fight cancer or stop it from recurring along with providing protection against the onslaught of a myriad of infectious diseases.

Healthy Heart, Blood Vessels & Blood Pressure
Keeps the heart and its walls healthy – Helps protect, heal and repair the vascular network – helps reverse the damage caused in the arteries, veins and capillaries by diseases like diabetes, hypertension, varicose veins etc.

Healthy Cholesterol and Arteries
Helps remove the arterial damage as well as in removing the plaque depositions inside arteries, thereby helping reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Endocrine & Hepatic Wellness.
Helps balance the thyroid function in the body – Heals and repairs the beta cells inside pancreas – helps detoxify liver and maintain healty liver function – helps in healing thyroid imbalance and fight diabetes – Improves fertility.

Cerebral Wellness.
Fight neuro degenerative diseases, Improves memory

Respiratory Wellness
Healthy respiratory system – Fights allergies

Musculoskeletal Wellness
Fights inflammation & degeneration – Helps reduce aches & pain.

Sensual Wellness
Helps maintain healthy skin – protects from skin damage due to free-radicals and toxins – Helps maintain healthy eyes & eyesight.


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