Infusio Launches New Product Line at the Beauty International 2015: Anti-Aging Serum

Infusio Launches New Product Line at the Beauty International 2015: Anti-Aging Serum

Infusio launched a new range of cosmetics featuring a breakthrough technology on track to revolutionize the cosmetic industry. The product line InfusioLife was released at the International Beauty Trade Fare in Dusseldorf Germany on March 27th – 29th.

Philip Battiade, the owner and entrepreneur behind the development made the following comment: “Cytokine Activated Technology is the solution to an age old problem. Many cosmetic products claim to contain growth factors to stimulate the skin cells to help reduce wrinkles and make the skin look younger. The fact is, up to now it was not possible to preserve growth factors. CAT has changed that. Now we can keep growth factors active for more than a year. This is a quantum leap compared to the fact that growth factors start to degrade as soon as they are produced. So not only do our products contain live growth factors, but they contain the complete array of human growth factors needed for healthy and effective cell rejuvenation. This is true anti-aging on a cellular level!”

InfusioLife’s product line will include several products. They include facial serums, an eyebrow serum, eyelash serum and hair follicle stimulating serum. The line focuses on repairing and regenerating skin and hair using cytokine activated technology. For the consumer, it means skin and hair cells are repaired on a much deeper level and the products don’t have to be applied for long periods of time.

InfusioLife’s products contain only natural substances, eliminate the need for synthetic ingredients, increase the rate at which cells grow, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, fade hyper-pigmentation, firm the skin, reduce acne and scarring, and promote follicle repair and hair growth.

“InfusioLife represents my philosophy to get maximum results by treating as non-toxic and as non-invasive as possible,” says Philip Battiade, a European-trained health pioneer with many celebrity clients and over 20 years of international experience. He has established himself as a foremost authority on holistic health and integrative medicine.

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