My Uncomplicated Daily Over 70 Skincare Routine

My Uncomplicated Daily Over 70 Skincare Routine

I have a quick basic skincare routine both mornings and evening. I basically just cleanse my skin and add Vitamin C serum, oils, and cream. I alternate bee venom cream and hyaluronic treatment. Hydrate, eat right, stay out of the sun, wear a hat and use sunscreen.

These products can be found on Amazon or your local drugstore.

Amlactin body cream
Palmers Cocobutter cream
L’Occitane Divine Oil
L’Occitane Eye cream
Vitamin C serum
Fab Hyaluronic Acid Pads
Prox Cleansing Brush
Chanel Hydra-Lift Creme
Posey Cleansing lotion
Original Organic Herbals.

Caster Oil for brows and eyelashes
Lanocorp Bee Venom Mask
Jade Roller.

Almay Eye Makeup Remover
L’Oreal Hydra Nutrition


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Creme: L’Occitane Divine
Lipstick: Avon
Brows: Revlon Brow Fancy in dark blond
Eyes: MAC pallet
Lashes: Almay One Coat Thickening
Blush: Chanel BeBop

Music: Epidemic Sound

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