NAD+, NR, NMN: Good or bad? – Q2 Q&A Podcast Ep 422

NAD+, NR, NMN: Good or bad? – Q2 Q&A Podcast Ep 422

NAD+, NR, NMN, etc. Good or bad?

Ed says:
Hey Robb:

Got a question regarding NMN, Nicotinamide Riboside, NAD+, etc. I’ve read and listened to several peeps like Peter Attia and guests (e.g., David Sinclair from Harvard) tout the health benefits of NMN & NR, for those of us who want to stay young. This is all fine and dandy. (See . I mean the number of people taking Tru Niagen is outstanding…. (me included).

Then Chris Masterjohn, who I love, indicated on one of his podcasts that we should be careful taking NR (and the like) as it effects methylation (a bad thing I think), with possible suggestion of having to take an exogenous form of glycine to balance the negative effect of taking large doses of NMN, NR products.

Been listening to you for years and always remember you getting a bit pissed off that your listeners wouldn’t do some research for themselves before submitting vocational questions. Well I’ve tried to read & Listen to everything there is and can’t clear the wheat from the chaff.

Maybe you can do a video or talk about this subject on your podcast?



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