Nutrigenomics Latest Science Health and Anti-Aging Products

Nutrigenomics Latest Science Health and Anti-Aging Products

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.”

The CORE ROOTS To DISEASE & AGING is OXIDATIVE STRESS or FREE RADICAL DAMAGE. Oxidative Stress affects the INSIDE of our body it affects EVERY HUMAN BEING on this planet, MAMMALS included. Protect now before it’s too late…
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NO ONE is immune to OXIDATIVE STRESS AND AGING! LifeVantage main product Protandim is proven in human clinical trials to reduce oxidative stress by 40-70% and activates Nrf2 to slowing down the aging process in cellular level. Protandim NRF1 helps restore dysfunctional mitochondria. Along with oxidative stress and inflammation, dysfunctional mitochondria is implicated in hundreds of diseases.

Protandim is unlike anything you’ve ever used. It is an exclusive, all-natural, multi-patented product that slows aging and extends life by

*rebooting each of our cells’ regenerative capabilities, *reducing oxidative stress and inflammation,
*properly tuning genetic expression, and increasing our bodies’ production of indirect antioxidants, like glutathione.

In 2015, an independent meta analysis from Washington State called Nrf2 technology “… the most extraordinary preventive and therapeutic breakthrough in the history of medicine.” And, Protandim Nrf2 is proven the most potent Nrf2 activator in the world.

There are 23 brand-specific peer reviewed studies at on our Protandim. To access the abstracts, go to Human

Clinical Trials

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