Red-NIR laser- up-regulating gene expression in seconds for Self-Healing your Body

Red-NIR laser- up-regulating gene expression in seconds for Self-Healing your Body

Vibranz Red/NIR NaturaLaser does and How it does it!

De-Stressing = Anti-Aging & Self-Healing at the Speed of Light,
“The Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies”, Albert Einstein,

1. VIBRANZ Red/NIR Laser pen works in seconds to up-regulate your gene expression to build healthier proteins for Self-Healing! THE EXPRESSION OF PROTEINS IS THE EXPRESSION OF LIFE!

What the Red/NIR NaturaLaser Does: ​

•  DE-STRESS Your body by Penetrating directly into Your Cells, Tissues, Blood, Nerves, Rods & Cones of the Eyes, the Brain and into the Bones

•  Enhancing the Function of Your Mitochondria (ATP)

•  Adds about 30% Life Force Energy into Your blood

•  Up-Regulate Gene Expression for Healthier Proteins 

•  Enhanced Cell to Cell Communication

•  Enhanced Micro-Circulation & Oxygenation

•  Modulate-Lowering Inflammation

•  Cells Re-Generate Faster (stop bleeding 1/3 time/no swelling)

It is a convenient ready to use Self-Care for Vibrational Self-Healing Laser pen used for Restoring and Maintaining Health and it works the way Nature does. Vibranz has added 92 additional proprietary Human BluePrint Frequencies™ (HBF) infused into the light using ZeroPoint™ Technology and Sacred Geometry. A symphony of HBF’s with coherent information the body understand, resonates with and uses to up-regulate gene expression to produce a higher quality of protein for your health and wellbeing. Human BluePrint (HBF) are optimal wellness frequencies for the body bringing the body into balance and energetic homeostasis so the body functions better and can heal itself as intended with accurate information.

Working at the speed of light, the Vibranz Red/NIR NaturaLaser pen Stimulates the Mitochondria to product more ATP, enhancing blood flow by increasing the Life Force Energy in the blood approximately 30%, modifying the charge on the red blood cells separating them into free flow (not sticking together), increasing micro-circulation and quickening the release of toxins and the addition of oxygen when going thru the lungs.

The Vibranz Red/NIR NaturaLaser pen Stimulates two key functions in seconds of the Red/NIR light being infused into the cell. (please watch my video for more detailed information and 3rd party test results) First is INCREASED MITOCHONDRIAL ENERGY PRODUCTION (ATP). The MITOCHONDRIA are also responsible for the cell to cell communication pathway which is enhanced in seconds also. (please see Products & Services for more detail, as well as the video)

these statements have not been evaluated by the fda. these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure anything, and they don’t, ONLY the body can heal itself, when we give it what it needs and get out of it’s way! after all, “it’s self-healing or no healing”


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