SCIENCE now testing ANTI-AGING ELIXIR, that will add years to your LIFESPAN (metformin)

SCIENCE now testing ANTI-AGING ELIXIR, that will add years to your LIFESPAN (metformin)

A comon drug might just add years to the human our lifespan, scietists say. Subscribe for more strange news!

A common diabetes drug will be trialled as an anti-ageing elixir from next year.

Known as metformin, the drug has been on the market for around 60 years. But the reason scientists are so interested in it now is that, over that time, researchers have observed that the drug appears to make people live longer and prevent cancer.

Mice treated with the drug had their lifespan increased by almost 40 percent, with signs that they stayed more youthful as they aged. In humans, that would be equivalent to us living closer to 120 years old than 80.

The trial will be known as the Targeting Ageing with Metformin (TAME) study, and it’ll involve giving either the drug or a placebo to around 3,000 elderly people who suffer from or have a high risk of developing conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Over the next six years, researchers will track how many patients go on to develop new age-related conditions and whether they took the drug or not. The team will also look into whether the drug appears to have impacted longevity at all.

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