Skin Whitening Cream “Magic” With Aloe Vera Gel & Mulethi (Licorice) Powder (Summer Special)

Skin Whitening Cream “Magic” With Aloe Vera Gel & Mulethi (Licorice) Powder (Summer Special)

This Skin Whitening Cream is one of the Highly Requested Videos, So Today I will share Homemade remedy for skin whitening for face, you can call this Day Cream, Night Cream or Whitening Cream, because this face whitening cream is for all purposes especially in Summer, This Skin Whitening Cream is made with natural and organic ingredients which I add carefully, so before starting our skin whitening remedy, you should know something about me, I am Sana, and I am here to share my experience and knowledge about homemade remedies for skin whitening, Which are simple and easy to make, I try to share those remedies which are made with natural and organic ingredients, I hope you like my remedies,

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Now to make this face cream, first of all you need Mulethi (licorice) Powder, after that few more ingredients, after adding all ingredients mix it well so it can take shape of fine cream, at last add aloe vera gel as I showed you in this video, after mixing it well you can store this in any air tight container, Now you must wonder, how to apply this cream, read it very carefully, First of all wash your face, take some cream in your hands, and apply this on your face before sleeping or in day time, as you like, after that massage it for 1 Minute, and leave it for at least 6 hours, In just 15 days this whitening cream will make your face glowing and Fair, I tried so hard to give you best as you deserve, I hope you like my face whitening, day time, night time, whitening cream remedy, if yes then smash that LIKE Button and SUBSCRIBE, for more remedies like this, Thanks

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