Skincare & Beauty Science Q&A 1/3 | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

Skincare & Beauty Science Q&A 1/3 | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

I did my first Instagram Live session earlier this week, where I fielded questions and answered them to the best of my ability – it was basically a pop quiz for me! The questions were mostly about skincare (of course), but there were a few about hair and cats as well.

I tried to answer as many questions as I could – we managed to get through about 100 questions! I didn’t realise how confusing it would be if I didn’t read out the full question. I’ll definitely remember that for next time.

It’s broken up into 3 parts (about 30 minutes each).

Part 2:
Part 3:

I’ve put the questions and the related links below:


Free exfoliation guide for glowing skin:


1:11 Importance of home care

Sorry I got this wrong – Tracey Beeby of Ultraceuticals actually told me it’s 70% home care and 30% in clinic!

1:50 Wait times between actives

2:27 Alcohol in skincare

3:06 Microneedling

3:29 Is vitamin C still active as an antioxidant if it’s oxidised

4:00 What vitamin C serum would I recommend that’s available in Australia

DIY vitamin C serum:
L-AA powder:
Ausceuticals review:
Skin Deva:
Skin Deva review:

5:30 Is it worth getting adapalene

All about adapalene:
Differin without a script:

6:13 How to brighten pigmentation

Post on hyperpigmentation routine:
Video version:

6:43 Facial massage

7:24 Fading acne scars

Post on post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) routine:
Video version:

8:00 Polyethylene in cleansing balms


8:47 Can you layer newer organic sunscreen filters with zinc oxide

Post on using sunscreen and other products:
Video on using sunscreen and other products:
How to use sunscreens in your routine in more detail in my Basic Guide to Skincare:

10:03 7 layer method

11:11 Cleansing oils that don’t cause breakouts

Cleansing oil review:
Shu Uemura:
How to pick a cleanser that suits your skin is covered in my Basic Guide to Skincare:

12:13 Is it safe to use cleansing oil if you have acne

12:26 Sunscreens for oily skin

How to pick a sunscreen that suits your skin is covered in my Basic Guide to Skincare:

14:37 Polyethylene again

14:54 Do you need as much sunscreen for darker skin

15:55 Serums in the eye area

16:31 Micellar water as first cleanser

Post on how micellar water works:
Video on how micellar water works:

19:48 Lazy about checking ingredients

20:12 Favourite anti-aging product apart from sunscreen

20:53 Best ingredients to tackle lines under the eye

21:07 Does light therapy work on acne

22:23 Essential oils and skincare: good or bad

I forgot to mention that some citrus oils can cause phototoxicity:

22:42 Do I avoid silicone and SLS when choosing hair products

25:40 Are antioxidants that oxidise on your face harmful because they form free radicals

Post on how antioxidants work:
Video on how antioxidants work:

26:00 Opinion on Drunk Elephant

26:23 Very oily nose area

Post on tips for oily skin:
Video on tips for oily skin:

26:50 Are cleansing oils recommended for dry skin

28:15 Wearing sunscreen on long flights

28:55 Copper peptides

Review that talks a little about the science behind copper peptides:

29:16 Hormonal pigmentation

Part 2:
Part 3: I


Anti Aging Skin Care

Anti Aging Skin Care

Natural Anti Aging Supplements

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