Stone Age Genes and Space Age Technology | Niall Moyna | TEDxDCU

Stone Age Genes and Space Age Technology | Niall Moyna | TEDxDCU

In recent years, Niall has raised awareness of poor activity levels amongst Irish school-children through participation in the Aviva Schools Fitness Challenge, RTÉ’s Operation Transformation and TV3’s Doctor in the House.

Niall talks about lifestyle, exercise and obesity and what we can do to encourage people to be more active. He brings us through the history of physical activity and how our bodies change when we become an inactive society.

Niall Moyna is a Professor in the School of Health and Human Performance and a member of the Centre for Preventive Medicine at DCU. Niall’s research focusses on the effects of exercise on the vascular health of patients
with coronary disease, the effects of endurance training on men and women, and the impact of high intensity interval training among Gaelic football players.

Niall received his masters degree from Purdue University, Indiana, USA and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. He completed a three year National Institute of Health Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in immunology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He was Director of the Clinical Exercise Research Laboratory in the Division of Cardiology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre and later moved to Connecticut to take a position as a Senior Research Scientist in Nuclear and Preventive Cardiology at Hartford Hospital.

Follow Niall on twitter: @niallmoyna

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