The Health Benefits Of Activated Charcoal – C60 Antiaging Discovery

The Health Benefits Of Activated Charcoal – C60 Antiaging Discovery

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This substance is known to adsorb gas but did you know it has the ability to adsorb poisons and prevent them from being absorbed into the bloodstream? There was also a discovery showing a significant increase in lifespan in mice that may have worthwhile anti aging properties for some. Allowing us to potentially live beyond 100 years. Today we are going to talk about activated charcoal.

Before going out and purchasing charcoal, make sure you watch this entire video and not just skip through. Your health may depend on it.

Carbon is the most common element of our existence. Its the most studied and is the core of organic chemistry. Yet, activated charcoal is misunderstood for its potential medicinal uses but also side effects. Activated charcoal aka activated carbon has a unique ability to adsorb toxic substances and gases. Not absorb, adsorb. Adsorption means substances bind to the surface of carbon but it doesn’t absorb them like chia seeds absorb water.

Activated carbon is edible and can be used as a supplement. Most activated carbon is made with wood, usually coconut shells and is even sometimes made with bone to make bone char. Unfortunately most people only know that carbon supplements have the ability to adsorb intestinal gas and odors. It definitely can be extremely useful in the case of having gas pains but there are more interesting and also potentially dangerous abilities this substance may have and it needs to be shared with the world.

A study showed that charcoal may be able to reduce waste products containing nitrogen. Plus a low protein diet combined with activated charcoal benefitted the elderly with advanced kidney disease.

Researchers at the Liver Failure Unit at University College London and the Royal Free Hospital are working on developing a charcoal medication because charcoal adsorbs toxins and neutralizes them allowing the body to excrete them. They found that carbon can be useful for livers damaged by alcohol abuse and obesity.

Here’s a cool tip if your teeth are in need of a whitening: Before reaching for a chemical laden teeth whitening product, try brushing your teeth with activated charcoal. Since it has the ability to adsorb various substances and is commonly used to decolorize sugars, it may help pull stains off of your teeth. Simply break open a capsule and put it on your toothbrush with a little bit of water and start brushing. The water is there to make sure the powder doesn’t become airborne and you accidentally inhale it. Don’t use it every day. Only on occasion when your teeth need a little extra cleaning. We don’t go to the dentist every day for a cleaning do we? Charcoal may stain fake teeth so be careful.

There is an even more interesting form of carbon that has been discovered. This soccer ball shaped molecule made up of 60 carbon atoms may be one of the next leading antiaging substances of our time to hold us over until we find something better. C60 aka: Carbon 60, Buckyball, or Buckminsterfullerene. Buckminsterfullerene was named after Richard Buckminster Fuller for popularizing the geodesic dome.

Harold Kroto, Robert Curl, Richard Smalley with graduate students James Heath, Yuan Liu and Sean O’Brien discovered the soccer ball shaped C60 molecule in the summer of 1985 at Rice University. Eleven years later Kroto, Curl and Smalley were given a nobel prize for their discovery.

They vaporized graphite using a laser beam, the released carbon atoms are mixed with a stream of helium gas and then the gas is led into a vacuum chamber. It expands in the chamber and is cooled to temperatures above absolute zero. By using this laser method, they were able to develop C60. It has a more unique structure but it is very, very similar to activated charcoal in the sense that they are both a form of adsorbent carbon.

An interview was done with Dr Moussa who is one of the main researchers. The study originally was done on rats to test the toxicity of C60 but it ended with something far greater. All the rats lived nearly twice as long as normal. It seems the researchers were eager to publish their findings but the last living rat was still alive nearly 6 years later. They decided to sacrifice the rat so they could publish their findings for the world to see.

The study on C60 showed that olive oil increased the lifespan of rats by 18% whereas a combination of olive oil and C60 increased their lifespan by an astonishing 90%. They stated: “But, what is noteworthy is that at M38 all C60-treated rats were still alive. Thus, based on previous investigations [44], C60 should be the most efficien


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