The Ordinary Layering for Hyperpigmentation DOCTOR V| Brown/ dark Skin of colour| DR V | #SOC, #POC

The Ordinary Layering for Hyperpigmentation DOCTOR V| Brown/ dark Skin of colour| DR V | #SOC, #POC

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Dr Vanita Rattan’s channel is dedicated to Weekly teaching for skin of colour.
Skin of colour suffers with different issues to caucasian skin and requires different products, routines and treatments.


2. Alpha arbutin (water)
3. Niacinamide (water)
4. Azelaic Acid (suspension)
5. Retinoid 5% granactive (anhydrous)

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Dr Vanita Rattan pioneered:
– The World’s 1st Hyperpigmentation treatment for skin of colour,
– The World’s 1st Dark Circles treatment
– The World’s 1st Melasma sunglasses (Dr V)
– The World’s 1st Lip Pigmentation Kit (Dr V LipX)

She also founded The Hyperpigmentation Clinic which is the ONLY Pigmentation Specialist Clinic for darker skin world wide treating over 30,000 cases with a 95% SUCCESS RATE
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