The Real Science Behind Alcohol in Skincare with KindofStephen | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

The Real Science Behind Alcohol in Skincare with KindofStephen | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

Alcohol (ethanol, ethyl alcohol, SD alcohol or alcohol denat) is one of the most controversial ingredients in skincare. You might’ve heard that it speeds up aging, kills skin cells, and creates inflammation. But are these just more #skincaremyths? What do the studies actually tell us? How bad is alcohol in skincare, really? Watch this video to find out!

This is a collaboration with cosmetic formulator Stephen Ko (@kindofstephen: – let us know if you have any other topics you’d like us to explore!

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In this video:
🍷 What is an alcohol?
🍷 Why is alcohol in skincare products?
🍷 In vitro application vs skin application
🍷 What do the studies tell us about alcohol and:
💥 inflammation?
💥 skin barrier disruption?
💥 skin hydration?

Mixed Makeup collab where we look at alcohol in Susan’s skincare products:
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