Top 5 Face Cleansers & Toners for Oily Acne-prone Sensitive Skin | Re’equil, Wow, MamaEarth, Plum

Top 5 Face Cleansers & Toners for Oily Acne-prone Sensitive Skin | Re’equil, Wow, MamaEarth, Plum

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Products Mentioned
1. Re’equil

2. Plum

3. Wow Aloe

4. MamaEarth Vitamin C

5. Himalaya

Morning Skincare
Face wash


minimalist. 10% niacinamide

Night Skincare




under eye cream

Lipa Balm

Some of my Favourites

Re’equil Face Wash

Re’equil Toner

The body avenue toner

Plum Green tea moisturizer

Wow Hyaluronic water gel

MamaEarth Skin Plump serum

La Organo Aloe vera gel

Dot & key acne defense face mask

La Organo Argan Shampoo

The Indie Earth Onion Oil

MamaEarth Neem Tea Tree Face Mask

Wow Ubtan Face Pack

Best Under eye cream The body avenue

Captain Thug Retinol Serum

minimalist. 10% niacinamide

Dot & key 10% AHA + 2% BHA peeling Solution

Wow SPF 55 Sunscreen

Trycone SPF 60 Ultra Matte sunscreen

Must Haves from MamaEarth, Wow and Body Cupid for oily sensitive acne-prone skin
1. Neem Tea Tree & VitaminC face Mask

2. Skin Plum Face Serum & VitaminC Cream

4. Castor Oil

Wow SkinScience
1. Ubtan Face Pack

2. Vitamin C 20% face Serum

3. Coconut Perfecting Face Cream

4. Sunscreen

5. Coconut Hair Mask and Shampoo

Body Cupid
1. Cucumber & Melon Body Mist

2. Sweet Passion & Aqua Wave Perfumes

3. Pink Rose & Aqua Wave Body Wash

4. Deep Clearing face wash with Hylauronic Acid & Vitamin E

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