Tyler LeBaron Presents Hydrogen Water Benefits (818 400-1266)

Tyler LeBaron  Presents Hydrogen Water Benefits (818 400-1266)

This Video is a presentation to the medical community by Tyler LeBaron, a leading scientist and expert on Hydrogen in the medical sciences. Tyler is the founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation and offers a host of articles, studies and education on the site at http:molecularhydrogenfoundation.org
While his presentation is given to health professionals, I believe anyone with minimal medical education will be able to manage it in comprehension. Tyler offers pure descriptions of the known pathways of hydrogen ingested into the human body as well as the increased functioning and biological mechanisms and therapeutic benefits.

There is no question now that Molecular or Diatomic Hydrogen gas infused into water or other methods of consumption is therapeutic. There are over 700 peer reviewed studies now in PubMed proving this. While scientific journaling leaves most of us in a state of confusion, there are now other articles and information that explain the principles and the science in terms which we can all understand. When investigating anything new, we all know by experience we must actively listen or read and research with an open mind and use our reasoning ability to comprehend new ideas for them to have meaning to us. It is unfortunate that true understand does not come in the way of one liners or headlines. The issue of our health and well-being deserves the time it takes to put to process some mind ability to derive the common sense. In order to explain the benefits of Hydrogen as a supplement,

Benefits of Hydrogen, Here is a shot summary of just a few of the many benefits of hydrogen gas.Call 818 400-1266

• Antioxidant
• Smallest, most bio available
• Selective—only scavenges bad radicals
• Converts radicals to water—no toxic byproduct)
• Improves the body’s antioxidant system (Glutathione, catalase, SOD)
• helps lower excessive oxidative stress)
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-allergy
• Protects against radiation damage
• Stimulates energy metabolism to help prevent weight gain
• Supports glucose homeostasis
• Stabilizes cholesterol levels
• May help prevents erectile dysfunction
• Decreases lactate (lactic acid) build up during exercise
• Supports cognitive function
• Prevents age-related decline in cognitive capacity
• Neuroprotective
• Extremely high safety, no toxic affects
• The water tastes smooth and light
• Alkaline pH
• Alkaline stabilizing ingredients
• Essential magnesium, which is a required co factor for over 300 enzymes
• Hydrates faster than bottled water
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