Vitamin C: Oral vs. Intravenous, Immune Effects, Cancer, Exercise Adaptation & More

Vitamin C: Oral vs. Intravenous, Immune Effects, Cancer, Exercise Adaptation & More

In this video Dr. Rhonda Patrick discuss all things vitamin C. This episode covers oral bioavailability, intravenous vitamin C bioavailability, immune cell function, common cold and other viral infections, lung function, sepsis, pneumonia, inflammation, intravenous vitamin C and cancer, role in exercise, safety concerns, and so, so much more!

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This episode mentions a number of genetic polymorphisms in the vitamin C transporter that are associated with up to a 50% reduction in vitamin C transport into cells. If you have used any of the many major consumer genetic tests out there, such as 23andme, then it’s possible you have a raw genetic data file that you can mine for additional goodies using my website. You can run a totally free report that covers SNPs involved in vitamin C transport, among others, by going to

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