Why Fish Oil Is Good For You and Helps Your Brain

Why Fish Oil Is Good For You and Helps Your Brain

The benefits of fish oil are numerous. Fish oil contains omega fatty acids and in this video I talk about omega 3 fatty acid benefits. I specifically discuss how Omega 3 fatty acids can help depression and other mental disorders.

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Like to skip ahead? Here’s a synopsis
0:52 Omega 3 fatty acids are building blocks for fighting inflammation in your body
1:02 Inflammation and swelling are not the same
1:19 Inflammation causes many illness in the body
1:28 Cool visual on hardening of the arteries
1:37 What inflammation in the brain leads to.
2:25 What are sources of Omega 6?
2:40 What are sources of Omega 3?
2:52 The names of the Omega-3 fatty acids
3:04 American Heart Association recommendations for fish consumption to avoid supplementation
3:50 General recommendations for fish oil supplementation
4:27 The problem with using flaxseed as your only source
5:44 Sample of a fish oil pill and taste test of the oil
6:23 Here’s why it’s called Omega-3 fatty acids (if you like trivia)

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