You Should Know By Now – Aging behind

You Should Know By Now – Aging behind

Please watch: “***When Corporate Life is Sometimes Boring.**** How to Feel Young – Aging behind”
You Should Know By Now – Music song cover by Aging behind

In This Video I am very grateful to our dearest Heavenly Father that His given me a chance to reach my age and to have my dreams come true. For all my trials in life , for all the struggles, for all the happiness , thank you so much.

Thanks also to my children for giving me an amazing surprised birthday bonding party. Highlighted on the cake that has money inside. whotwhot

I am not yet done with my mission in my life , so I am wishing to our Heavenly Father to give me another full decade of healthful life.

To my father , mother and my brother in heaven thank you for the beautiful memories.

—— ——— ———————————-

In my background Music , that is the music song popularized by Ms. Angela Bofill entitled You Should Know by now. This music song was a Great Hit during my younger days.

DISCLAIMER: Absolutely no copyright infringement intended. This video is for entertainment purpose only and not for any kind of monetary gain. The music song are the sole property of their rightful and lawful owners.. I give praise and tribute to the music song I shared in this video entitled YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW by Ms. Abgela Bofill

All the credits goes to the song owners, writers, composer, singers and music arrangers. I thank them. with all my heart.

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